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maintain logs of all conversations

Not just these, but various features from live add-ons ensure that:-Recent contact events appear in conversation windows which enables you to view your contacts in the list after Contact List Clean-UpA Sound Library window that lets you add random sounds to your windows live messengerCustomizable emotion soundsOption of choosing any color you desire for your messages text and backgroundMessages that can be customized to be sent by a simple commandCustomizable chats by tabbing your conversationsEndless extensibility with the scripting architectureAn enhanced Quick Icons functionalityThe list doesnt end there. Your conversations on live messenger would be an experience worth every second spent on it.The various add-ons on plus live messenger let you:-Create customized personal statusKnow the status of your desired contact on the desktopEnable Account Polygamy wherein you can sign into more than one Messenger account at the same timeFind a simple keyboard shortcut to lock your messenger on shared computersLog the events through Event viewer and Logging add-on that lets you instantly view archived XML files in futureLog HTML Chat that lets you maintain logs of all conversations in a more flexible manner, etc.
Enrich your life and make it more interesting and convenient. That relief is also accompanied with a cool looking Air Shower Manufacturers Messenger window that reflects who you are. The list is never ending. Such add-ons let you customize your Messenger window and index all your conversations automatically, which is a big relief. Now that is what we call having your cake and eating it too. The all new Windows live messenger has many more add-ons in store just for you.The new windows live messenger add-ons bring to you an all new interface that has been designed to let you find your way around the Messenger window easily. All these and many more features make your life easy only with messenger plus add-ons. That is making life easy in the fast lane.Contact :Nickmsgplus@cleanreciprocals.
It just goes on..msgpluslive.. Having said so much, its time for us to let you experience the experience of chatting with new Windows messenger add-ons that can make life easy and at the same time enrich your isnt that cool!Your online experience would be something you would look forward to every day, because of the uncomplicated and very simple to use IM add-ons to your window application.netYou can reproduce / republish the article, as long as the links and this statement remain unchanged. Add a new dimension to your online chatting experience with innumerable and excellent customizable features that will leave you gaping and wondering why you did not opt for it earlier.
The new windows live messenger will let you make a wise and informed choice and make youre online chatting experience a pleasure and something that you look forward to with a smile on your face every time you log in! Messenger plus ad-ons are without doubt the right choice for a smooth and tension free online chatting! Happing chatting with customizable live add-ons for your windows!The all new Windows live messenger add-ons - Just Go for it!About Author Nick is a dedicated writer writes for Messenger Plus! Live - The Windows Live Messenger Extension, which provides Add-ons, plugins, skins, scripts and sounds to customize your windows live messenger.

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